Like anything coming out of the ‘synthwave’ realm, there’s a heavy 80’s influence heard in his music. While the 2016 EP “1984” could be considered a bit ‘lighter’ – the material, march and artwork released since then is definitely darker, with tech-noir, cyberpunk undertones, clearly influenced by the likes of Blade Runner, Neuromancer, or Escape from New York.

Live, Bzzrkr is next level, with some of the highest production value you’ll find from an independent artist. A command centre filled with synths and computers, a stage presence that’s Mad Max meets Snake Plissken (complete with a home-made powerglove), and a synchronised LED light show, a Bzzrkr gig captures the blend of vintage and cutting-edge, analogue and digital, and order and chaos that is at the heart of much of the cyberpunk genre. In cyberpunk worlds, technology is a friend that sits balanced on a precipice from which it could fall and become foe. A Bzzrkr show captures this fragile balance, with the on-stage tech in danger of over-powering the human audience; the blinding lights and pulsing sounds seem like they could overload at any moment, but are embraced to produce edgy, melodic, grooving dance music that steers well clear of bedroom-producer mediocrity.

As the end of the “Bzzrkr’s Theme” video states, “There is only one Bzzrkr”; and he’s certainly one to watch.