2085: Humanity leaves Earth in The Great Migration

2437: We cross the event horizon at Sagittarius A*



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Hades Matrix

In 2085, humanity left its home on earth, to escape its own inevitable extinction. The great migration lead the human race to its new home in another solar system, on a planet they named Earth II.

The civilization here flourished, and over the ensuing centuries its spacefaring technology grew immensely.

In 2437 a team of explorers set out towards Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy. They intended to venture across the event horizon, and across the hypothetical bridge that connected the black hole with its white hole sibling in another galaxy, to see what lay beyond…


Available as cassette or digital download

The synthesizer drenched space epic hades matrix is a lush exploration of the majesty and scale of the cosmos, a sonic adventure for any fan of Pink Floyd, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, or retro/synthwave in general. Live, Bzzrkr’s show has some of the highest production value to be found in an independent artist. With a command console filled with synths and computers, a synchronised LED light show, and beautiful video accompaniment sourced from the likes of NASA, ESA and JPL, a Bzzrkr show takes viewers on a participatory journey across the galaxy.


This is the demonic Flight of the Navigator soundtrack, and you’re strapped in for the ride.


Bzzrkr Interview on Radio Active (at 1:14:47)

The TechNoir Singles

1984 EP



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